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ProFrostional Translation, Unipessoal LDA, a Portuguese limited company, is the legal and fiscal vehicle for providing freelance translation services carried out exclusively by Thomas T. Frost. While Thomas was born in Denmark, he has spent most of his adult life in other European countries, gaining a variety of experience, not least native-equivalent skills in British English and fluency in French.

  • Native languages: Danish and British English (equivalence)
  • Second language: French as it used in France (fluency)
  • Some comprehension of Norwegian
  • Some comprehension of Swedish
  • Basic German skills.

Regular editor for major US high-end smart speaker manufacturer since 2018

Edited and localised all marketing and legal material, CRM communication, website contents, blogs, help pages, FAQs, UI strings and more before the company’s own final internal editing in relation to the company’s complete offering of cutting-edge smart speakers, home cinema systems, amplifiers, streaming services, accessories and more.

At a glance

Lived & worked in

  • Denmark
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal.

Working languages

  • Danish
  • English
  • French.
  • ‘Very good precision work’

Other online presence

IT specialist career, IBM mainframe

20 years in:

  • Denmark
  • England
  • France
  • Luxembourg,

notably with:

  • IBM
  • The European Commission
  • SNCF (French rail).

Intermediate freelance career

12 years with various activities after the end of the IT career:

  • Translation
  • Freelance writing
  • Relocation of expats to France
  • Tourist tours and transfers in Provence, France.

Full-time translator since 2015

Specialist and typical working subjects:

  • Business, marketing
  • Electronics
  • Home entertainment manuals, brochures, websites, etc.
  • IT
  • Surveys
  • T&Cs, privacy/cookie policies, etc.
  • Technical manuals, brochures, websites, etc.

Services and prices

Prices are shown exclusive of VAT. Portuguese VAT of 23% is added for the following types of client:

  • Consumers and businesses based in Portugal
  • Consumers based in the EU's VAT area
  • Businesses based in the EU's VAT area outside Portugal that cannot provide a VAT number that can be validated in the EU's VIES system.
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Wise instead of waste

Nobody likes waste. ProFrostional Translation accepts payment through Wise, which means that paying us is no more difficult or costly than a domestic payment in the US, the UK and many other countries, using local bank account details.
Read more about payment options.

  1. The source must be of decent quality for these rates to apply and must not have been automatically generated, whether in full or in part, for example using machine translation, without subsequent, complete editing. If this turns out not to be the case, the client will be notified as soon as it becomes apparent, and the task will be billed at the hourly rate. In addition, it may not be possible to meet the originally agreed deadline in such a case. The company declines all liability for the consequences of substandard source texts.
  2. Revision is intended to make sure the text is free of errors but will not include preferential improvements, for example in terms of flow and vocabulary. For the latter to be included, editing should be chosen.
  3. MTPE (machine translation post-editing) will ensure the text is free of errors but will not include preferential improvements, for example in terms of flow and vocabulary.
  4. You can always choose the hourly rate in advance for any task.
  • The prices shown are typical prices. Please note that only a concrete quote is binding.
  • Other tasks, including formatting work required, will be charged at the hourly rate.

Software & network

memoQ logo




Unique multilingual Microsoft term base

The Microsoft Language Portal and its downloadable term bases allow you to look up IT terms between US English and other languages but not between two of the other languages.

To overcome this restriction, I combined the downloaded term bases with UK English, European French, Canadian French, Danish, German, Swedish, Norwegian and more into one single multilingual term base, using the term IDs in Microsoft's TBX files as keys.

With this multilingual Microsoft term base attached to a memoQ project, I can get Microsoft term matches from French into Danish, German into French, Danish into UK English or any other combination of the downloaded languages, which provides a significant boost in productivity and accuracy.

Top dictionaries

Because it is so important to find the right terms and expressions, I don't skimp on dictionaries. Here are some examples:

  • L&H Technical Dictionary, English ↔ Danish, the most comprehensive specialised dictionary in English and Danish.
  • Clausens Technical Dictionary, English ↔ Danish, a good supplement to L&H.
  • Blinkenberg & Høybye dictionary, French ↔ Danish, is not only the most comprehensive dictionary in French and Danish but contains a large number of terms normally only found in specialised dictionaries.
  • Legal Dictionary, English ↔ Danish, Gyldendal.
  • Business Dictionary, "For Many Reasons", English ↔ Danish, Ventus.
  • Business Dictionary, English → Danish, Gyldendal.
  • Business Dictionary, Danish → English, Systimes.
  • Christensen & Fich Legal Dictionary, French → Danish.
  • New Oxford Style Manual.

Comprehensive term bases in memoQ

Even though the IATE term base is available online, I have installed a downloaded version in memoQ in my language combinations to have matches displayed instantly.