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Sorbonne certificate in applied French

Certificate in applied French language (1st degree), Paris-Sorbonne IV University, 1991.

Available on request.

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Evaluation of test translation from Danish to UK English

Test submitted in August 2016 to a major international travel booking site

The test was evaluated anonymously by the end client. The full test evaluation is reproduced below with permission from the translation agency - Translations, S.L.


Overall, the content and meaning are transferred correctly from source to target. There were no omissions or alterations in meaning.

Style and idiomatic language

The translation presents good, idiomatic English and an informal style and tone appropriate to the context.

The translation is of high stylistic quality, does not contain any "Danglish," and flows very well.

The translator used specific, descriptive adjectives instead of clichés.


The source does not contain any difficult terminology. The translation does not contain any terminology errors. This translator was the only one of the group who used the term "concrete stelae" to describe the pillars of a famous monument, which shows great attention to detail.

Spelling and grammar

The translation does not contain any spelling errors or grammatical errors at all.


Overall, this translation is of very high quality. The translation reads like a text originally written in the target language. It accurately accomplishes the goals and function of the original; only a few minor stylistic changes might be made by a proofreader. The text follows the principles of good writing in English: the correct tone of voice is used for this content type; active verbs are preferred over passive; specific, evocative adjectives are used instead of clichés; the reader is addressed appropriately; and the text "flows." Amazing job.

Jo Parfitt

Publisher, Summertime Publishing Ltd. ·

“Hi Thomas,
You write with fluency and eloquence even if the topic is mundane. Frankly, I love to read anything you write.”

Ray Ruiz

Former AT&T Manager, Human Resources, San Francisco. Currently innkeeper-owner, La Dauphine B&B, New Orleans ·

“Thomas T. Frost has an amazing ability and facility for languages. I have corresponded with him, and had him work on my websites in English here in the United States.”

“Thomas has corrected several of my faux pas in English. And I am a native speaker. He is a stickler for correct grammar. He's also good at finding better ways of saying what you want to communicate. His English and French communication skills are at the very highest level. He really enjoys being very precise with language.”

“I'm extremely pleased with the presentation work that Thomas has done on my websites.”

“Mr. Frost has also helped me with business communications in French, for which I was extremely pleased.”